D0-GI-OH Fight Club Game development update

2 min readFeb 4, 2022

One of our primary goals is to be transparent with the community, so we would like to give you guys and girls a little insight into the game development.

The Dev Team is finalizing the Game Development plan, and we will launch a full-scale game development starting next week. The game’s Alpha is planned to come out in approximately three months (beginning of May), meaning that the entire community will have the ability to play and test the game.

We also plan to have a private testing phase approximately two to 4 weeks before (April) the Alpha launch.

Throughout the game development, we will be releasing snippets of game development concurrently with documents to help our community understand the game’s particulars.

On top of this, we will have a few very limited NFT drops until the game launch. These will mostly be collaboration drops with our partners to expand our community and give the early birds a chance to acquire the 1st edition NFT’s! More news regarding the NFT drops will come soon.

If anyone has good recommendations for our game, feel free to discuss this in the telegram chat or our discord. We will make sure to take notes from your suggestions.

The DO-GI-OH project will start with its own native currency, $DGH, based on Polygon (MATIC) which was created as an interoperable utility to facilitate in-game transactions, character and upgrade purchases, and more. $DGH will be used for:

1)Mint NFTs
2)Upgrade your NFT character with Rare Skins
3)Unlock new Skills for your Character
4)Participate in Tournaments
5)Participate in 1vs1 Play-To-Win games
6)Access DO-GI-OH marketplace
7)Host Private Fighting events
8)Prize Pool Provision
9)Use all services present in the DO-GI-OH platform
10)Governance of game updates in the future

Get your $DGH tokens early here:


Let’s make this a game that we all Love!

Join the community: https://t.me/dogioh
Find out more: www.dogioh.com

With Love,
The DO-GI-OH Team




A revolutionary NFT-gaming project building a multi-level, skill-based action fighting game featuring the most beloved characters.