DO-GI-OH Fight Club — A new breath to NFT gaming space

4 min readFeb 9, 2022

DO-GI-OH Fight Club

With the launch of the DO-GI-OH project on the 29th of January, the first checkpoint on the DO-GI-OH projects to-do list will be the release of the highly-anticipated fighting game — DO-GI-OH Fight Club. Project founders aim to introduce an action-packed, multi-level, skill-based fighting game combined with the industry’s favorite characters — Doges, Shibas and Flokis and other dog-themed characters to battle against each other on multiple battlegrounds across the whole universe.
DO-GI-OH is a PVP and P2E arcade fighting game in which players compete against one another for fun and prizes or play a story mode. The game introduces a skill-based game-play system to bring back the good old days when games were based on skill rather than money.


In the beginning, there will be four main characters, each with their own set of skills. Players will be able to purchase or mint skill packs, which will include skill cards. These cards can be used to customize the character’s playstyle to the player’s preferences. There will be four skill slots and one special finishing move slot for each character (KO move). Each character will have a unique skill that can only be possessed by that character; these abilities will be revealed once the characters have been fully released. Every skill move, every kick, every punch, and skin will define your character as a true NFT asset that you could trade on the open market or our own DO-GI-OH NFT Marketplace. The player’s commitment to mastering that character is represented by the number of hours they have put in.

Game Modes

1. Tournament Mode

The tournament mode is made for the players that want to play for a prize. Before the game starts, players will be required to choose a $DGH prize pool that they want to play for, and then they will stake half of that pool to begin searching for an opponent. The matchmaking system will pair the player with an opponent that has a similar rank and wants to play for the same prize pool.
After the opponent accepts, it’s all up to the player to go to town or head back home empty-handed. The rules are simple; the winner takes all.

There will also be special tournaments to celebrate specific goals or events, where players will have a chance to participate in bigger tournaments of 32 or even more players at a similar level. These events will be rare, and the prize distribution rules will change individually.

2. Arcade Mode

Arcade mode will be based on the same principle as the Tournament mode, except for one thing. Players won’t be competing for a prize.
This mode is made for players that want to sharpen their skills, test new moves, or discover a unique fighting style.
Arcade mode will be the training ground for the future DO-GI-OH champions that will conquer the tournament mode.
Players will not need to have any skins or anything at all to take part in this game mode; it will be free to play for everyone everywhere.

3. Story Mode

The Story mode will take the player on a journey through all of the maps where they will have to fight bots on progressive skill levels. This game mode will allow new players to progressively learn new skills and prepare them for the other beasts waiting for them in the arcade and tournament modes. When players finish the story mode, they will receive a loot box to help them start their journey.

$DGH Token

The game’s Alpha is planned to come out in approximately three months (beginning of May), meaning that the entire community will have the ability to play and test the game.
The DO-GI-OH project will start with its own native currency, $DGH, based on Polygon (MATIC) which was created as an interoperable utility to facilitate in-game transactions, character and upgrade purchases, and more. $DGH will be used for:

1)Mint NFTs
2)Upgrade your NFT character with Rare Skins
3)Unlock new Skills for your Character
4)Participate in Tournaments
5)Participate in 1vs1 Play-To-Win games
6)Access DO-GI-OH marketplace
7)Host Private Fighting events
8)Prize Pool Provision
9)Use all services present in the DO-GI-OH platform
10)Governance of game updates in the future

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A revolutionary NFT-gaming project building a multi-level, skill-based action fighting game featuring the most beloved characters.