DO-GI-OH project establishes a partnership with PolyDoge.

2 min readMar 30, 2022

It has been a while since the last Medium article. Today we’re back with a truly awesome update! We’ve been on a constant lookout for great collaboration possibilities and partnerships and we’ve found an absolute banger project- PolyDoge.

PolyDoge is a digital currency with one of the most vibrant communities on the powerful Polygon Network. It offers a wide variety of fun interactions to its holders in the form of NFTs, apps, airdrops, and access to different DeFi platforms ready to use on Polygon.

So the real question — What are the first steps into this collab?

First and foremost, there’s the Metaverse crossover. The DO-GI-OH Metaverse will have a PolyDoge character. Team DO-GI-OH will produce a one-of-a-kind PolyDoge character skin that will be included in DO-GI-OH NFT collections. That is not the best part yet! In the future, we will create THEIR OWN game map. You read it right, a PolyDoge game map where Flokis will be fighting in. You’ll be able to find your favorite DO-GI-OH characters in future PolyDoge NFT drops. With the organic expansion of both initiatives, we’ll be collaborating closely with Polydoge Team to form new alliances, share connections, and encourage one another. Possibilities are endless this is just the start. With the love for Doge we believe together we will find new cooperation vertical to expand on!

Let’s get it!

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