DO-GI-OH project teams up with MetaPetz.

2 min readMar 31, 2022


New partnership alert! We’ve been looking for ways to expand our collaborations and immerse in different communities and we can proudly say that we’ve found a gem! Behold — MetaPetz!

Metapetz is a P2E NFT game where users can engage in many experiences and lifelike digital companionships. Your MetaPetz will become a true friend that cares and responds to your input. MetaPetz is an immersive experience, much like owning a real pet in the physical world.

Our Team is really enthusiastic about the project, thus we believe that collaborating with MetaPetz would be mutually beneficial, as it would bring more people to both communities.

So what is the vision of the partnership at this moment?

MetaPetz characters will appear in the DO-GI-OH Metaverse, and vice versa. We’ll create a set of bespoke MetaPetz character skins that will appear in DO-GIOH NFT collections and will be playable characters in DO-GIOH Fight Club. You’ll be able to find your favorite DO-GI-OH characters in the MetaPetz universe whenever their own game is out. With the organic expansion of both initiatives, we’ll be collaborating closely with Team MetaPetz to form new alliances, share connections, and encourage one another.

These are just the first details about the collaborative possibilities and we will update you with all the latest news on the go. Follow us closely on social media to not miss the updates!

Let’s get it!

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