The Ultimate guide on how to acquire $DGH tokens.

2 min readFeb 13, 2022

DO-GI-OH projects launch on the 29th of January was accompanied by the launch of the ecosystem’s own native currency, $DGH, on Polygon (MATIC), which was designed to be an interoperable utility for in-game transactions, character and upgrade purchases, and more. With that being said — Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to acquire $DGH tokens!


Cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain investments are high risk. Only Spend money that you can afford to lose. Your capital is at risk.

The sale of $DGH through a native IBCO (Initial Bonding Curve Offering) available at is a new launch approach used for the token’s distribution. The installation of a DEX through QuickSwap allows more trading and arbitrage opportunities. In essence, at the time of launch, the total number of tokens will be zero, the price of $DGH will be zero, and every purchase at IBCO will mint new tokens, while every sale will burn $DGH. Beyond the first month, IBCO will be decommissioned, resulting in a fixed supply with no new tokens being issued after that date, and the only trading pool accessible will be hosted on DEX, in this instance QuickSwap, with bridging pools on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

To participate in Initial Bonding Curve Offering and mint your $DGH tokens you will need the following:

  • Set up your cryptocurrency wallet
  • Configure your wallet with Polygon
  • Fund your wallet with $DAI and $MATIC
  • Visit and connect your wallet
  • Swap $DAI to $DGH on Initial Bonding Curve Offering
  • Claim your tokens

How to exchange on Quickswap?

1. Open Metamask Browser

2. Go to

3. Configure your wallet to Polygon Network

4. Add $DGH Token (Make sure to use the right address, found via Polygon Scan link on the website. (Be aware of scams)

5. Make sure to set slippage above 5%

6. Approve swap transaction

7. Enjoy



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