What is Dogioh? $DGH explained and made simple

3 min readJan 18, 2022


DO-GI-OH is a project created for gamers and dog lovers alike; our goal is to bring good quality games to the world of WEB 3. Games that players can play and enjoy, not only earn from.

The Dogioh Metaverse will consist of multiple locations where players can communicate and take part in special events, visit the NFT marketplace and, of course, lounges where players will be able to join their favourite games.

The first step of completing such a space will be creating our first game — DO-GI-OH Fight Club. Imagine — Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Fatal Fury, to name a few, in other words, multi-player action fighting games. They are considered some of the most highly regarded game concepts out there.

The simple but highly engaging nature of these games has attracted millions of fans out there, and it is time to bring the aforementioned style to the fastly-growing space of NFT gaming. Behold Dogioh. An action-packed, multi-level, skill-based fighting game on Polygon, striving to bring the industry’s finest — Doges, Shibas, Flokis, and other dog-themed characters tooth-to-tooth on a battleground across multiple terrains.

The catch? All characters are developed as upgradable & trainable NFTs that undergo constant evolution as the game progresses & new levels are unlocked. Skill moves, kicks, punches together with skins & more will make your character, your Dogioh, a true NFT asset tradable in an open market or our own DO-GI-OH NFT marketplace.

Additionally, the aforementioned will be combined with a release of ecosystems own native token — $DGH — released on Polygon, developed with an interoperable utility in mind to facilitate in-game transactions, character & upgrade purchases and more.

This will be the first game that we want to release. After this, we want to work on a more extensive game scale development, introducing a Metaverse of sorts.

A similar example would be club penguin. Where players can communicate with one another, they can go to different game lobbies. We plan to introduce a skiing game, driving and more.

Join us on a journey to reinvent the NFT gaming space in style — visit our social media:





A revolutionary NFT-gaming project building a multi-level, skill-based action fighting game featuring the most beloved characters.